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Every foot is different. Taking this into consideration the Entity, an ergonomically shaped footpad sets new standards in the evolution of kite sports. The Entity offers a variety of settings to perfectly fit on each foot, in addition it is quick and easy to mount and even looks damn good on your feet!


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Starting From $240.00


NTT - The Revolution of Individual Fit Every foot is different. We at North Kiteboarding didn’t realize that yesterday. After we defined a new standard by developing the first ergonomically shaped footpads a while ago, our new Entity Combo now comes with a whole range of innovative features such as the NTT ContactPad or the NTT SplitStrap. The entire product once again sets new standards in the evolution of kite sports. The NTT is quick and easy to mount. It offers a variety of settings for a perfect fit on every foot and it even looks damned good! The Track + NTT The NTT has been designed and tested for use together with our new The Track System. “The Track” is the new mounting system of our twintips. In connection with The Track, the NTT unfolds its full potential of individual settings, many of which are completely new in kite sports. The NTT can also be mounted on any board with standard inserts from the product generation of 2011 onwards, however, the range of individual settings is then limited. NTT ContactPad The NTT ContactPad consists of the new, redesigned EVA footpad and the NTT ContactFrame. The ergonomically shaped footpad was developed in cooperation with the leading experts in ergonomics. The Hexagonal Density Control Structure is a new feature in 2012. This structure helps reduce pressure in sensitive areas of the foot and contributes to the pad’s low weight. The newly designed Anti-Slip surface ensures a good grip, even in very rough landings and radical moves. Furthermore, the pad is supplied with three NTT HeelCushions of varying hardness: “soft” for more comfort, “hard” for better control and “medium” for the golden mean. The NTT ContactFrame is the intelligent basis of the entire footpad that is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Its weight-optimized construction perfectly adapts to the shape of our boards. The advantage of this design and material is that the board’s flex characteristics are not influenced in any way. The NTT ContactFrame envelops the footpad and reliably transfers forces to the board. The NTT ContactPad has direct contact with the board, which enhances the board feeling. For even better fit, the NTT ContactPad is available in two sizes (S/M + L/XL)! The entire package combines individual fit, comfort, control and functional design on a completely new level! NTT SplitStrap Together with the NTT ContactPad, the NTT SplitStrap forms probably the most functional footpad system on the market. The NTT SplitStrap’s new construction can be more effectively adapted to the shape of the foot. The split function allows you to choose freely between maximum grip and optimum mobility: the further you open the split, the greater the contact surface that wraps around your foot. Bombproof grip and more control over your board are a direct result. If you need more range of motion, simply close the split. The procedure is dead easy and takes but a few seconds. The new width adjustment makes sure that the NTT SplitStrap wraps tightly around any shape of foot. Great fit with neoprene booties is no longer a problem either. The NTT SplitStrap’s design ensures that there is sufficient padded surface even for very large feet. Just like the NTT ContactPad, the NTT SplitStrap is also available in two different sizes. (S/M and L/XL)