1. 2014 EZZY ELITE
    The new 2014 Ezzy Elite is the perfect surf sailing sail - period! In terms of both performance and value, the Ezzy Elite sets a new standard in wave sails. No company builds a stronger sail, with comparable quality materials. Ezzy sails are built well, and to last. The best value on the water. Learn More

    2014 EZZY ELITE

    Starting From $577.00

  2. 2014 TIGER
    The Ezzy Tiger is our favorite as an all-round wave sails that is at home riding surf or bump & jump sailing at Kanaha. The Tiger does both well, with great early planing power, finger-tip control and stability, and all in a smooth, comfortable feeling on the water. The even twist and balance smooth out even the roughest conditions. The Ezzy Tiger is the main sail in our 2013 test center fleet at Second Wind because we know people will love it, and they will withstand anything a sailor can throw at it. These sails are tough, and they will look and work great for years! Learn More

    2014 TIGER

    Starting From $543.00

  3. 2014 LEGEND - SALE!

    For 2014 the Legend lives on as the standard by which all other wave sails are judged. The MauiSails Legend represents the ultimate level of refinement in a classic five-batten sideshore wave sail. Its perfect balance and stability make the gnarliest, gusty conditions feel smooth as butter.

    Learn More

    2014 LEGEND - SALE!

    Starting From $399.00

  4. 2014 GHOST XT - SALE!

    The Ghost-XT’s combination of power, stability, control, and ultra-light weight make it a versatile wave performer for those who appreciate the best.

    Learn More

    2014 GHOST XT - SALE!

    Starting From $499.00

  5. 2014 TR-X RACING
    The path to the TR-X has been one of progressive evolution, a few revolutions, meticulous attention to detail and relentless testing. The result of these iterations is our fastest and most stable to date. Learn More

    2014 TR-X RACING

    Starting From $599.00

  6. 2014 MUTANT - SALE!
    If spray blowing sideways off the top of waves excites you and you would love riding a rig that feels so natural and responsive that it’s like an evolved extension of your body, Mutate now, and you will never be the same. Learn More

    2014 MUTANT - SALE!

    Starting From $449.00

  7. 2014 SWITCH - SALE!
    The 2014 Switch is great as a fast bump and jump performer. Whether racing your buddies, hucking huge airs or practicing some mellow freestyle, the Switch will suit you well. Excellent stability derived from a 6 batten outline, tube rods and a soft, race-sail like leech will make you happy blasting along with lots of power. Learn More

    2014 SWITCH - SALE!

    Starting From $399.00

  8. 2014 SCREAM - SALE!
    For 2014, we are releasing an all new, high performance, RAF freeride slalom sail called the “Scream”. The Scream incorporates many design features from our TR series race sails, such as a lower aspect ratio, progressive twist and recessed clew and replaces the Pursuit line. With the lower aspect ratio and more pronounced lower profile the Scream focuses its power closer to the rider's body, while the progressive leech twist perfectly responds for maximum efficiency giving the Scream noticeably improved wind range. On the water, the Scream is incredibly fast and balanced, putting fear into the hearts of cambered sails in a straight line, while the RAF design and light weight make it effortless in the jibes. Learn More

    2014 SCREAM - SALE!

    Starting From $399.00

  9. 2014 TITAN GS - SALE!
    We have worked at further refining both the shaping and materials of our 7 batten, 2-3 cam Freerace sail line to give it an even greater dose of TR performance infusion. For 2014, we have added the same new, light weight metallic scrim that we use in the TR-X to the leech and upper sail body of the new TITAN-GS-X. This new material reduces weight and gives the leech “twist zone” of the sail a lighter and more responsive feel. A moderately wide, x-ply/Dacron composite mast sleeve provides a clean profile and cams off rigging. Learn More

    2014 TITAN GS - SALE!

    Starting From $499.00

  10. 2013 Freestyle Wave X-Tech - SALE!
    The new Freestyle Wave V2 represent the perfect mix of manouverability, going fast, and riding comfort. No other shape in our collection is so difficult yet rewarding in making. You must mix two opposite worlds and still make a board looks sexy and proportionate. The new FSW V2 look more like a wave board than ever before, but have improved in top speed and early planning like no other boards in our range. Learn More

    2013 Freestyle Wave X-Tech - SALE!

    Starting From $1,195.00

    By combining a more traditional wave board rocker with the new-school width and tail shape you truly get the best of both worlds. Because really, without planing you’re not going ANYWHERE! Learn More


    Starting From $1,295.00

    With the Twin-Fin or Single-Fin setup the VICTORY adapts to it’s surroundings like a chameleon. From a “snappy in the pocket” down the line board in the Twin-Fin mode, to a “drivey board” with earlier planing and increased upwind ability in Single-Fin mode. In both “modes” the VICTORY is determent to push your limits. Learn More


    Starting From $1,295.00

  13. ANGULO CV-1
    The CV1, a board that will do it all, the jack of all trades. It is simple, easy, comfortable, all while allowing you to explore and experience all aspects of windsurfing. The smaller sizes 90, 100 and 110 will do some basic wave and freestyle, and you’ll be surprised how well!! But don’t be fooled, when you put the power on these boards move with great pace. Learn More


    Starting From $1,295.00

  1. 2014 REBEL
    The Rebel is the most popular kite on the market, it is stable, dependable and reliable with a huge wind range, offering unrivaled performance in a variety of situations. Try the 2014 Rebel at our North Kites test center! Learn More

    2014 REBEL

    Starting From $849.00

  2. 2014 WHIP
    The Whip is our high volume euro wave shredder, designed for those days when the waves aren’t packing much punch and you still want to have a good session. It is also the new school wave freestyle board of choice among the NKB pro team too. A thruster set up with a wider double winger diamond tail combine with more volume to get this board up and going really early. The Whip is fast, lively and a whole heap of fun to ride no matter what the waves are doing… Learn More

    2014 WHIP

    Starting From $649.00

  3. 2014 DICE

    The Dice is a brand new kite for 2014, aimed at the rider wanting a do it all machine with C-Shape flying characteristics. Airton Cozzolino and Tom Court are using the Dice this year, showing you just how versatile it is. Happy performing wakestyle, freestyle or in the waves – the kite entertains on all levels. It is based around a C-Shape profile, using a lightweight three strut construction.

    The kite feels lively in your hands, very direct and predictable in the air. The bar feedback is instinctive and riders find the kite easy to fly right out of the bag. Kiteloops are really easy with the Dice, and it is great fun to ride in the waves or flat water.

    If you want a kite that will give you the maximum amount of fun in any conditions, choose the Dice, responsive, fast and great fun! 

    Learn More

    2014 DICE

    Starting From $739.00

  4. 2014 JUICE
    In the spirit of keeping things fresh, we’d like to introduce you to the new Juice! When we designed the kite we had a set of goals to achieve, it had to be fast, fly upwind with ease and deliver smooth power in the lightest of winds. Traditionally big kites haven’t managed to achieve these things; large race kites have the power but not the handling, large airstyle kites have good wind range but are often slow to turn. We’ve managed to infuse the great handling of a small three-strut kite with the power and efficiency of our bigger race kites, but in a simpler, easier to handle package. Learn More

    2014 JUICE

    Starting From $1,299.00

  5. 2014 JAIME
    The harder you ride the board, the faster and higher it goes. Take it out for a chilled cruise, or fire it up for some high wind mega loops it won’t disappoint. Learn More

    2014 JAIME

    Starting From $649.00

  6. 2014 X-RIDE
    The X-Ride has been the best selling board in the range for some time now, and with good reason. It is the most versatile board in our range, offering the perfect ride for whatever you want to do on the water. Learn More

    2014 X-RIDE

    Starting From $549.00

  7. 2014 GONZALES
    The Gonzales is designed for those riders who want an easy ride. Our favorite board for riders looking to smooth out the chop! Learn More

    2014 GONZALES

    Starting From $409.00

Stand-Up Paddling
  1. 9'0" x 30" - 130 liter

    The Elua Makani HAWAIIAN STYLE Performance Series SUP boards are the most high performance models we offer. Shaped to ride surf with uncompromised performance. Built to withstand the biggest surf in Hawaii. This board is ideal for anyone who really wants to surf Hawaiian style!

    Learn More

    HAWAIIAN STYLE Performance Series - NOW ON SALE!

    Starting From $595.00

  2. CHANNEL ISLANDS "CADDI" by Surftech
    We have one each of these terrific Al Merrick shaped SUP boards, built in super high quality Tufflite construction by Surftech. Light, strong, classic surfing SUP shapes. Priced to move! Learn More


    Starting From $995.00

    We have one each of these great surf SUP shaped by legendary Gerry Lopez, and built by Surftech in super high performance Ultraflex construction. No compromise surf performance here - these are the real deal! Learn More


    Starting From $995.00

  4. 9'2" x 30"  Mini-Mac
    Our Elua Makani 9'2" Mini-Mac is the perfect performance longboard style SUP for smaller or more experienced surfers. At 30" wide it is still easy to balance on, and the rounder outline helps it turn easily and smoothly. The Mini-Mac is built with our beautiful wood deck construction and polished finish, so it looks pretty sweet, too! Learn More

    9'2" x 30" Mini-Mac

    Starting From $595.00

  5. 10'0" x 33" Big Mac
    The 10' Big Mac is a big board in a small package. At 33" wide it has all the volume any big guy or beginner/intermediate cruiser could want, but in a super stable and easy to maneuver length that takes all the inconvenience out of SUP's. The Big Mac is all you need for a great session no matter where you are or what you're doing. The Big Mac is built with our beautiful wood deck construction and polished finish, so it looks pretty sweet, too! Add our all-carbon Rasta paddle for only $100 more, for the perfect combination. Learn More

    10'0" x 33" Big Mac

    Starting From $795.00

  1. 6'4" Rocket Fish
    Our Elua Makani 6'4" x 19.75" Rocket Fish is the shortboard equalizer! A wider tail, quad-fin with a fuller nose and more volume for better paddling power than a regular fish, but with the turning ability of a small thruster. The 6'4" is ideal for any surfer looking for radical performance in small to medium size surf! Learn More

    6'4" Rocket Fish

    Starting From $295.00

  2. 7'0" Fun Shape
    Our Elua Makani 7'0" x 20.75" Fun Shape model is the ideal, most fun small to medium size wave board you could imagine a beginner to intermediate surfer. More paddling speed than our Rocket Fish to get you in the wave earlier, but still plenty of speed and great turning ability with the Futures quad fin set-up. It isn't called the Fun Shape for nothing! Learn More

    7'0" Fun Shape

    Starting From $345.00

  3. 7'4" Rocket Fish
    Our Elua Makani 7'4" x 21" Rocket Fish is the high performance entry in the hybrid/mini-tanker category. Perfect for anyone looking for shortboard performance on the wave, but with more paddling speed for mushier waves or even shorebreak. Perfect as a compliment as a shorter board for longboarders, or for anyone looking for great surfing in an easy, forgiving ride. Learn More

    7'4" Rocket Fish

    Starting From $395.00

  4. 9'0" Longboard
    Our Elua Makani 9'0" is a true classic longboard. Whether you are out riding the nose, or carving off the tail, it does it all beautifully. Just a great, classic shape and ride that will serve you well in whatever conditions you like. Durable construction and a great price, too! Learn More

    9'0" Longboard

    Starting From $595.00