1. 2013 NORTH JAIME
    The Jaime is in a class of its own, it’s been the pro model for Jaime Herraiz for 9 years! Over that time the board has been tweaked and developed, but has always retained the core focus, to be one of the best boards for Jaime, himself, to ride. The board uses the same Sandwich Construction that revolutionised the kiteboarding industry all those years ago and now features a Carbon Beam to improve the torsional stiffness and flex. All of our construction knowledge is put into ensuring the Jaime is one of the best-manufactured boards around. Freestyle, freeride, carving, the Jaime excels at it all whilst still retaining a comfortable ride that will surprise many kiters. Learn More

    2013 NORTH JAIME

    Starting From $599.00

  2. 2013 NORTH VEGAS - SALE!
    PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! Just like North says, "The 2013 Vegas is the definitive freestyle kite in the North Kiteboarding line up". No exaggeration. The Vegas is a true, dedicated C kite, perfect for freestyle riding. The Vegas has exceptional responsiveness from a bit more bar pressure. You move the bar and the kite responds perfectly and instantaneously. You can always feel where the kite is and what it is doing, and you have total control of it at all times. Really exceptional responsiveness. If you want to do tricks, or jump hooked or unhooked there really isn't a kite that can do this better than a Vegas. Committed freestyle riding is what the Vegas is all about! And really, doesn't the "You're gonna need a bigger boat" just crack you up? Learn More

    2013 NORTH VEGAS - SALE!

    Starting From $599.00

  3. 2013 X-RIDE TWIN-TIP - SALE!
    The North X-Ride is our favorite because of it's bang for the buck - or we should say "Pop" for the buck. At a great price when combined with the Vario footpad/strap, the X-Ride is a tremendous value. A bit more flex for a comfortable, forgiving ride, and great light weight durability. The X-Ride is the perfect choice for easy performance at an affordable price - our favorite qualities in any product! Learn More

    2013 X-RIDE TWIN-TIP - SALE!

    Starting From $499.00

    The Pro Series is the ultimate board in the range, designed by the pro riders for the pro riders. The board offers state-of-the-art performance with its dedicated thruster set up, huge rocker line and thumb tail shape. It can handle a variety of conditions, from small to medium sized waves and is great for reverse tricks with the generous tail rocker. If you are the kind of rider who demands the best, then look no further than the Pro Series, it is the most dynamic and advanced board in the line up. Learn More


    Starting From $749.00