1. 2013 NORTH REBEL - SALE!
    PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! The 2013 North Rebel is simply the best freeride kite on the market, in our opinion. Every aspect of the North product screams QUALITY, from the materials to the performance. North is committed to making the best product, and they hit a home run with the Rebel again in 2013. North's exclusive canopy material is the best there is. Durable, light and delivers fantastic performance. No other material comes close. The 5th Element bar system compliments the Rebel perfectly, turning all that great quality material into a fantastic performing product. Light to medium bar pressure, fantastic responsiveness and control and all the speed and hang time any rider could want, all in one great kite package. The North Rebel is our choice for best freeride kite for 2013. It better be "legendary" if you're going to print that on a kite - but, don't worry, it is. Learn More

    2013 NORTH REBEL - SALE!

    Starting From $699.00

  2. 2013 NEO
    The North Neo is sure to be the most talked about kite in the North range this year. It all started at the 2012 KSP event here on Maui where the Neo shone as the next step in the evolution of the drifting wave-riding kite. Super light with only 3 struts, amazing fast turning, and super easy performance whether you are in or out of the waves. The Neo isn't just a great wave riding kite - it does everything well, and the light handling and easy relaunch make it great for beginners or professionals. The Neo is clearly our favorite surf riding kite for 2013! Learn More

    2013 NEO

    Starting From $499.00

  3. 2013 NORTH VEGAS - SALE!
    PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! Just like North says, "The 2013 Vegas is the definitive freestyle kite in the North Kiteboarding line up". No exaggeration. The Vegas is a true, dedicated C kite, perfect for freestyle riding. The Vegas has exceptional responsiveness from a bit more bar pressure. You move the bar and the kite responds perfectly and instantaneously. You can always feel where the kite is and what it is doing, and you have total control of it at all times. Really exceptional responsiveness. If you want to do tricks, or jump hooked or unhooked there really isn't a kite that can do this better than a Vegas. Committed freestyle riding is what the Vegas is all about! And really, doesn't the "You're gonna need a bigger boat" just crack you up? Learn More

    2013 NORTH VEGAS - SALE!

    Starting From $599.00

    Our remaining inventory of these great all-round twin-tips. INCLUDES VARIO STRAPS & PADS! PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. Learn More


    Starting From $399.00

  5. 2013 X-RIDE TWIN-TIP - SALE!
    The North X-Ride is our favorite because of it's bang for the buck - or we should say "Pop" for the buck. At a great price when combined with the Vario footpad/strap, the X-Ride is a tremendous value. A bit more flex for a comfortable, forgiving ride, and great light weight durability. The X-Ride is the perfect choice for easy performance at an affordable price - our favorite qualities in any product! Learn More

    2013 X-RIDE TWIN-TIP - SALE!

    Starting From $519.00

    Lots of riders out there just want a freeride board that works, they are searching for simplicity and a board that will make them look good. The Gonzales does exactly that; riders jump on and instantly feel at home with the board. It is extremely easy to ride; very forgiving and designed to help you improve your kiteboarding fast. To ensure it is accessible to all there is a size designed to suit every rider and weight. It carves like it is on rails and rips upwind allowing you to concentrate on jumping as high as you can. If you want the easy rider freestyle feeling, look no further! Learn More


    Starting From $399.00

    The 2013 North WAM is our pick as the best all-round directional kiteboard this year. This board just does it all - and does it all well! The board feels stiff and strong, but smooth in chop. Nice as a thruster, but really excels as a quad! Great bite in the bottom turns even when it's big and rough when set up as a quad. Hits the lip with a great big "WAM"! Great straps, pads, details and finish - a real quality product from North this year. Clearly our favorite directional from North for 2013. We also like that it comes in a smaller size for ladies - the WOOHOO is the same great board, just scaled down to a 5'6". Nice of North to remember that women like to rip, too. Learn More


    Starting From $795.00