1. 7'4" Rocket Fish
    Our Elua Makani 7'4" x 21" Rocket Fish is the high performance entry in the hybrid/mini-tanker category. Perfect for anyone looking for shortboard performance on the wave, but with more paddling speed for mushier waves or even shorebreak. Perfect as a compliment as a shorter board for longboarders, or for anyone looking for great surfing in an easy, forgiving ride. Learn More

    7'4" Rocket Fish

    Starting From $395.00

  2. 9'0" Longboard
    Our Elua Makani 9'0" is a true classic longboard. Whether you are out riding the nose, or carving off the tail, it does it all beautifully. Just a great, classic shape and ride that will serve you well in whatever conditions you like. Durable construction and a great price, too! Learn More

    9'0" Longboard

    Starting From $595.00