1. 6'4" Rocket Fish
    Our Elua Makani 6'4" x 19.75" Rocket Fish is the shortboard equalizer! A wider tail, quad-fin with a fuller nose and more volume for better paddling power than a regular fish, but with the turning ability of a small thruster. The 6'4" is ideal for any surfer looking for radical performance in small to medium size surf! Learn More

    6'4" Rocket Fish

    Starting From $295.00

  2. 7'0" Fun Shape
    Our Elua Makani 7'0" x 20.75" Fun Shape model is the ideal, most fun small to medium size wave board you could imagine a beginner to intermediate surfer. More paddling speed than our Rocket Fish to get you in the wave earlier, but still plenty of speed and great turning ability with the Futures quad fin set-up. It isn't called the Fun Shape for nothing! Learn More

    7'0" Fun Shape

    Starting From $345.00

  3. 7'4" Rocket Fish
    Our Elua Makani 7'4" x 21" Rocket Fish is the high performance entry in the hybrid/mini-tanker category. Perfect for anyone looking for shortboard performance on the wave, but with more paddling speed for mushier waves or even shorebreak. Perfect as a compliment as a shorter board for longboarders, or for anyone looking for great surfing in an easy, forgiving ride. Learn More

    7'4" Rocket Fish

    Starting From $395.00

  4. 8'0" Funboard
    Our Elua Makani 8'0" Funboard is the perfect mini-tanker for someone looking for something right in between a shortboard and longboards. Great paddling speed to get you in early, but a narrower tail and thruster fin set-up ideal for tight turning, too. Fun rasta color rails, too. This is truly a fun board! Learn More

    8'0" Funboard

    Starting From $445.00

  5. 9'0" Longboard
    Our Elua Makani 9'0" is a true classic longboard. Whether you are out riding the nose, or carving off the tail, it does it all beautifully. Just a great, classic shape and ride that will serve you well in whatever conditions you like. Durable construction and a great price, too! Learn More

    9'0" Longboard

    Starting From $595.00