1. Maui Windsurfing | 2013 LEGEND


    The 2013 Legend by Maui Sails is clearly our favorite sideshore wave sail for Maui conditions. Ideally balanced, with power yet control ideally suited for sailing in down-the-line conditions like Kanaha or Hookipa. The Legend feels light in the hands, with finger-tip steering control. Perfectly balanced for bump & jump conditions, too, which is why it is a marquee product in our Maui rental fleet. The Legend is the best sail to do it all in any type of conditions.

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    2013 LEGEND - SALE!

    Starting From $399.00

  2. Maui Windsurfing | TR-9 RACING
    When Micah Buzianis told us that the Maui Sails TR-9 racing sail was the best sail he had ever used - by a mile - we knew this sail had to be special. Micah has ridden almost every other sail out there at one time or another, so he knows what he is talking about. This sail must really be the best!

    Now you can try these amazing sails before you buy them, when you rent our Racing Package. Feel for yourself the reward of the Maui Sails' team's experience. The fastest sail on the water has to be one of our favorites!

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    Starting From $599.00

  3. 2012 Maui Sails Global
    We have a few of these great all-round wave and freestyle sails in stock. Quantities limited and they won't last long at these prices! Learn More

    2012 Maui Sails Global

    Starting From $299.00

  4. 2013 Freestyle Wave X-Tech - SALE!
    The new Freestyle Wave V2 represent the perfect mix of manouverability, going fast, and riding comfort. No other shape in our collection is so difficult yet rewarding in making. You must mix two opposite worlds and still make a board looks sexy and proportionate. The new FSW V2 look more like a wave board than ever before, but have improved in top speed and early planning like no other boards in our range. Learn More

    2013 Freestyle Wave X-Tech - SALE!

    Starting From $1,455.00