The concept behind the FreeWave was to create a board that offers the ultimate freedom to any rider, on every type of wave the ocean throws out there.We are constantly presented with the task of improving on its already existing greatness, and so we give you five sizes of the most versatile and sought after model on the market. The compact fishtail outline, flatter mid-deck section and smooth, carefully formed rails combine to fashion a highly tuned shape that performs outstandingly on flat water, across chop and in waves. Learn More


    Starting From $1,395.00

  2. 2015 LEGEND
    The “Legend” returns as the classic 5 batten, “do it all” down the line wave sail giving great range and a more neutral feel in a variety of wave and high wind conditions. The 2015 Legend is built tough and light with a progressive weight panel layout incorporating our new light weight metallic scrim laminate used in combination with our gradient X-ply and heavy duty 5 mil x-ply for the optimum combination of durability and light weight. The addition of the metallic scrim laminate in the mid-upper sail body also improves sail twist flex response and gives a more responsive feel. Learn More

    2015 LEGEND

    Starting From $399.00

  3. 2015 GHOST
    Super light and perfectly balanced through a huge wind range are the best ways to describe the Ghost CS experience. Learn More

    2015 GHOST

    Starting From $499.00

  4. 2015 TR-XI RACING
    The path to the TR-XI has been one of progressive evolution, a few revolutions, meticulous attention to detail and relentless testing. The result of these iterations is our fastest and most stable to date. Learn More

    2015 TR-XI RACING

    Starting From $599.00

  5. 2014 TITAN GS - SALE!
    We have worked at further refining both the shaping and materials of our 7 batten, 2-3 cam Freerace sail line to give it an even greater dose of TR performance infusion. For 2014, we have added the same new, light weight metallic scrim that we use in the TR-X to the leech and upper sail body of the new TITAN-GS-X. This new material reduces weight and gives the leech “twist zone” of the sail a lighter and more responsive feel. A moderately wide, x-ply/Dacron composite mast sleeve provides a clean profile and cams off rigging. Learn More

    2014 TITAN GS - SALE!

    Starting From $399.00

    With the Twin-Fin or Single-Fin setup the VICTORY adapts to it’s surroundings like a chameleon. From a “snappy in the pocket” down the line board in the Twin-Fin mode, to a “drivey board” with earlier planing and increased upwind ability in Single-Fin mode. In both “modes” the VICTORY is determent to push your limits. Comes with straps & fins. Learn More


    Starting From $595.00