1. USED 2014 REBEL
    We have our 2014 rental fleet ready to sell. Very good used condition, no repairs. All bladders good. Great kites with plenty of life left ahead! Kite only or with bar. Learn More

    USED 2014 REBEL

    Starting From $700.00

  2. USED 2014 DICE
    Our 2014 rental fleet of Dice kites is ready to sell. Excellent kites in very good used condition. No repairs, bladders all hold air. Plenty of great riding left in these kites! With or without Quad bar. Learn More

    USED 2014 DICE

    Starting From $500.00

  3. 2014 North Trust Bars
    We have a few of our 2014 rental bars left to sell. Excellent used condition. 19m lines only. Quad (4-line) or 5th Element (5-line available). Learn More

    2014 North Trust Bars

    Starting From $225.00

  4. USED 2013 REBEL (kite only)
    We have a few of the legendary 2013 North Rebel kites from rentals, team riders and our schools ready to hit the water with new owners! All kites are in good to excellent used condition. All bladders hold air and no repairs required. Plenty of life ahead for these great performing kites! Kite only - no bars available at this time... Learn More

    USED 2013 REBEL (kite only)

    Starting From $500.00

  5. USED 2013 VEGAS
    We have a few of North's best freestyle kite ready to sell. Like new condition. Comes with 2014 bar! Learn More

    USED 2013 VEGAS

    Starting From $600.00

  6. USED 2013 NORTH NEO
    We have one each of these great all-round 3 strut kites from our rental fleet ready to fly out the door. All are in EXCELLENT condition. One of each KITE ONLY only, so don't hesitate to order. A limited number of bars also available. Learn More


    Starting From $450.00

    GREAT PRICES! We have a few good used kites from team riders, instructors and schools ready to sell. Most KITE ONLY, but we did just get in a few excellent Rebel kites with bars as well. E-mail for close-up pictures. Learn More


    Starting From $350.00