1. 2016 REBEL - SALE!
    The new 2016 Rebel is the ultimate kite for huge jumps and massive hangtime! There have been quite a few changes across the range this year to ensure it still delivers the maximum performance across all the sizes. Learn More

    2016 REBEL - SALE!

    Starting From $699.00

  2. 2016 DICE - SALE!
    Now in its third generation the ever-popular Dice has redefined versatility and performance. No matter what your style this kite has you covered, it’s perfect for wakestyle and freestyle allowing you to pull the latest moves and tricks with ease. With a fast progressive turn and dynamic handling it is also amazing in the waves offering excellent drift down the line. Learn More

    2016 DICE - SALE!

    Starting From $699.00

  3. 2017 XR4
    From freeriding to surf the 4th generation, ExoTex equipped, XR delivers control in the gusts and power in the lulls. Your ticket to relaxed cruising, explosive boosts or sublime wave riding. Experience for yourself the XR’s chameleon like ability to transform to any style or riding level. Learn More

    2017 XR4

    Starting From $1,099.00

  4. 2016 WAM - SALE!
    The WAM has been one of our most popular surfboards for many years, but for 2016 it features a brand new shape. The new board combines a wide squash tail with a broader more high performance nose shape. Learn More

    2016 WAM - SALE!

    Starting From $699.00

  5. 2016 WHIP CSC - SALE!
    The Whip CSC is the perfect all round surfboard in the Compact Surf Concept range. It is really easy to ride and very forgiving and the rail design combines with the modern outline to cut through chop effortlessly. On the wave it is great for carving smooth arching turns but it will also allow you to ride it aggressively with a more top to bottom style. The compact shape allows you to really throw the board around on the wave while maintaining total control. Learn More

    2016 WHIP CSC - SALE!

    Starting From $699.00

  6. 2016 NUGGET - SALE!
    The Nugget has been a favourite among many riders around the world for a few years now. It excels when the conditions are sub par and makes those not so great days on the water infinitely more fun! For 2016 the board benefits from our Compact Surf Concept, Sky has been working tirelessly on this new board for over two years and now it is finally here. The CSC inspired design has improved every aspect of the Nuggets performance and given the board a whole new lease of life! Volume has always played a major role in the Nugget’s light wind performance, but low-end ability and glide is now significantly increased through a straighter rail line. Learn More

    2016 NUGGET - SALE!

    Starting From $699.00

  7. 2016 X-RIDE
    The X-Ride has been the best selling board in the range for some time now, and with good reason. It is the most versatile board in our range, offering the perfect ride for whatever you want to do on the water. Learn More

    2016 X-RIDE

    Starting From $499.00

  8. 2016 GONZALES - SALE!
    The Gonzales is one of the easiest to ride kiteboards around. In the smaller sizes it is smooth and forgiving, the larger sizes are perfect for beginners and larger riders. When you are first learning this sport you need a board that will help you to progress and make that progression as fast as possible. The Gonzales does just that while still retaining great performance so you won’t grow out of it quickly. Learn More

    2016 GONZALES - SALE!

    Starting From $389.00