1. USED 2017 NEO
    We have a few of North's most popular wave kite from our rental fleet ready to turn over. Very good used condition - bladders all hold air. E-mail for photos for specific kites. Available with or without bar. Learn More

    USED 2017 NEO

    Starting From $599.00

  2. 2017 CORE FREE


    Hang loose and ride knee highs like they’re overheads. Test your limits on those really big days. Or, just chill and cruise on your trusty surfboard, twintip or skimboard. Without fussing about your kite or the wind. Because you know the new CORE Free is there for you. With its mad surf skills, smooth air-style, and signature CORE ride-ability, you may suspect your new kite has super powers.

    Learn More

    2017 CORE FREE

    Starting From $595.00

  3. CORE XR4
    From freeriding to surf the 4th generation, ExoTex equipped, XR delivers control in the gusts and power in the lulls. Your ticket to relaxed cruising, explosive boosts or sublime wave riding. Experience for yourself the XR’s chameleon like ability to transform to any style or riding level. Learn More

    CORE XR4

    Starting From $595.00

  4. USED 2016 SECTION

    A purebred wave kite with 3 struts, lightweight construction, perfect balance and super quick reflexes. A kite that stays put while you ride those super fast waves. A kite that doesn’t stall out when you’re toeside on a wind driven 10 footer. A kite for all you strapped and strapless wave junkies that will drive hours for that magical wave session. Learn More


    Starting From $595.00

  5. USED 2016 WHIP CSC
    Our 2016 rental fleet of 2016 Whip CSC surf kiteboards is up for sale. Boards include pads and fins (though not always North fins), and straps for $10 extra. Strong, fun boards with years of riding still ahead of them! Learn More

    USED 2016 WHIP CSC

    Starting From $350.00

    The new Fusion 2. The Swiss Army® knife of kiteboards. Always the right choice for your next epic session. Chop, glass or waves, it doesn’t matter when you’re riding the Fusion 2, the ultimate all style twin tip. A+ used condition! Learn More


    Starting From $595.00

  7. RIPPER 2


    The Classic Waveboard

    Enjoy every wave, feel every turn. For those particularly intense moments, at the bottom of the wave face or up on the lip, a unique board is required that is both lively and dynamic with a finely tuned shape. As a result CORE has deliberately opted to return to a classic fiberglass construction method and has tapped into the decades of experience that Carved possess. The result is the brand new Ripper 2. Whether you’re in wind waves or down the line on clean reef waves, strapped or strapless, the Ripper 2 is the perfect all-rounder. It's a classic wave board that gets closer than ever before to the root of kite surfing - Or should that be the 'CORE' of kite surfing.

    Learn More

    RIPPER 2

    Starting From $595.00

  8. SWORD Foil with custom AGUERA board
    We have this great high performance race foilboard ready to fly! Custom Alex Aguera kite foilboard with SWORD carbon foil. Excellent condition and fantastic performance! Learn More

    SWORD Foil with custom AGUERA board

    Starting From $1,995.00

  9. GO FOIL Kiteboard
    The original and best kite foilboard STILL! Race Pro 155cm board with GO FOIL kite foil including 2 sets of wings (all-round and race models). Excellent condition! Learn More

    GO FOIL Kiteboard

    Starting From $1,995.00

  10. F4 Kite Foil
    We have one of the fastest kite foils you'd ever want to ride - the F4! Custom 100% carbon with white matte paint finish. Crazy fast and fun! Tuttle box. Learn More

    F4 Kite Foil

    Starting From $1,495.00