1. 2017 REBEL - SALE!
    The Rebel is the benchmark of a high performance Freeride and Big Air kite impressing everyone from entry level to expert. Its all-time classic characteristics will deliver maximum performance already at minimum steering inputs with super precise bar feedback. Learn More

    2017 REBEL - SALE!

    Starting From $783.00

  2. 2017 DICE - SALE!
    The Dice is a perfectly balanced Freestyle/Wakestyle tool redefining versatility and performance in a C-oriented three strut design, which can even impress in waves. It´s the ultimate kite of choice for all those, who feel the design of the Vegas got a little bit too extreme over the years. Learn More

    2017 DICE - SALE!

    Starting From $685.00

  3. 2017 NEO
    The Neo is the definition of a high performance wave kite and continues to meet the needs of the rider with ease. Thanks to the design concept behind the Neo and the power it delivers, riders are able to use at least 1-2sqm less in comparison to any other kite. This advantageous aspect further enhances its already rapid turning abilities, effortless float down the line, and responsiveness to handling which when combined, ensures ease of maneuvrability on the wave. Learn More

    2017 NEO

    Starting From $699.00

  4. 2017 CLICKER BAR - SALE!
    The North Kiteboarding Clickbar – it’s new, it’s the biggest innovation in kitesurfing in the last couple of years, it’s THE GAMECHANGER! With all its unique features, the Clickbar delivers a completely new experience of kitesurfing. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked forever! Learn More

    2017 CLICKER BAR - SALE!

    Starting From $490.00

  5. 2017 CONTROL BAR (4 or 5 line) - SALE!
    Presenting the 2017 Quad Control bar. Identical in design to the 5th Element bar, it's best suited to 4 line kite models where the front line safety setup is steadfast. When released – via the Iron Heart IV - the Quad Control ensures that the kite rests powerless on the water at the edge of the wind window, allowing you time to gather yourself safely before relaunching. With a flowing feel, the Quad Control is responsive, straightforward and reliable. Learn More

    2017 CONTROL BAR (4 or 5 line) - SALE!

    Starting From $360.00

  6. 2017 WAM - SALE!
    The WAM has been one of our most popular surfboards for many years, but for 2016 it features a brand new shape. The new board combines a wide squash tail with a broader more high performance nose shape. Learn More

    2017 WAM - SALE!

    Starting From $695.00

  7. 2017 GONZALES
    From the very first steps to advanced Freeriding, the Gonzales ensures a fast learning curve for all levels of riders looking to advance. An incredibly stable and quick-to-plane board, it has enough high performance features to ensure you won't outgrow it too quickly. Available in five sizes and with excellent control due to the round outline, the Soft Flex creates a smooth and forgiving ride. If you're starting out on your kiteboarding adventures or refining the fundamentals, the Gonzales will make the process effortless. Learn More

    2017 GONZALES

    Starting From $399.00

  8. 2017 PRO CSC
    The Pro CSC is a completely new shape 2017 in Light Team Construction, best suited to wave riding in small to medium waves and strapless freestyle. Learn More

    2017 PRO CSC

    Starting From $695.00

  9. 2017 WHIP CSC
    Easy to handle and driven by the modern Compact Shape Concept, the Whip CSC is the top choice for riders wanting a forgiving and playful board, great for small to medium waves and strapless freestyle. Learn More

    2017 WHIP CSC

    Starting From $595.00