Surfing is More than Riding a Wave

Surfing is a mindset, and it requires you to interact with others in a positive way. In this post, we are going to give you five tips, which will help you be a more considerate surfer. Being a considerate surfer, not only improves the surfing experience for others but also improves the surfing experience for yourself.

5 Tips to Be a Considerate Surfer

Respect Goes a Long Way In Surfing

Show respect to everyone in the lineup. We all have a story of how we came to experience the sport of surfing, so give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Especially if you’re going to a location that you’re not familiar with, just remember that you’re a visitor, and that mindset will help you have a great session.

Be Sure to Use the Channel

Not only is it easier to paddle out, but by using the channel you’re ensuring that you won’t get in the way of other surfers who are experiencing their blissful moment. In the context of surfing, a channel is a stream of water that helps carry surfers back to the lineup.

Always Be Aware of Everything Around You

Besides getting caught up in the beauty of the lineup, pay attention to who’s catching waves, and their skill levels. Whose turn it is? Some surfers get caught up in pursuing their stoke, while neglecting to see that they are cutting in line, taking the waves of other surfers. Don’t be that person. Be mindful of others and be sure you’re giving people more waves than you are catching for yourself.

Don’t Drop In On People

If someone is paddling for a wave, and they look like they’re going to catch it, stop paddling and let them have it. Go set yourself up for the next opportunity. Drop in on others. The rider who is on the wave first, or closest to the breaking peak of the wave has the right of way. If the rider with the right of way falls or does not successfully make the wave, it is ok to drop into the wave.

Take Care of the Beach

Once your session is over, on your way back to your car, look for trash to pick up. You always want to leave the beach better than when you arrived. This way you’re not only in the consumer mindset but in the community and family mindset.

Surfing is More Than Riding a Wave

As you can see, surfing is much more than the 5-10 seconds we are up and riding a wave, but it’s the whole experience of connecting with nature, disconnecting from our busy lives on land, and opening ourselves up to learning new things about ourselves and our environment.

While seeking this experience, surfing etiquette is very important so that a surf break can operate harmoniously, safely, and provide enjoyment to locals and visitors alike.

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