The HYDRO Pro Race SUP Paddle is for serious racers who want more speed with reduced fatigue. The Hydro combines exceptional paddling power with ultimate stability. The ergonomic engineering and optimized flex characteristics will enable you to paddle faster for longer whether you are cruising your local lake or crossing channels in Hawaii.

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HYDRO Paddle Overview Use: Racing

  • Rider Level: Intermediate to Pro
  • Blade: HYDRO 88 sq in (575cm2) & 83 sq in (535cm2)
  • Angle: 8 degrees
  • Max width: 88 = 17.5cm & 83 = 16.5cm
  • Scooped Dihedral blade shaping
  • 3k premium carbon pre-preg construction
  • 100% Pre-Preg Carbon
  • USA made shaft
  • ‘Bumpy’ shaft for added grip and feel
  • 100% carbon lightweight ergonomic Palm handle
  • Hot Glue assembly for shock absorbing, easy adjustment & water tight fit
  • Weight from 400 (14 oz)
  • Slim line Blade/Shaft connection for positive energy transfer, efficiency and less drag.

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