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The NSP Longboards are a classic range of shapes that cater to everyone from beginners to more progressive longboard riders. New to the range is the arrival of the 9’6” Longboard which is sure to be one of the hottest models this season. The NSP Longboards are a perfect choice for nose riding in small surf or charging overhead sized peelers.

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  • The 8’2″ is a classic longboard is great for juniors,
    petites and anybody looking for
    a smaller sized longboard. Great
    as your first board it’s friendly
    enough for beginners, yet has
    the performance character-
    istics that will appeal to
    seasoned surfers. A great
    addition to any quiver.

  • The 8’6″ is a hugely popular mid-sized longboard
    is geared for pure surfing fun. A balanced,
    contemporary longboard for mid to
    lightweights that’s terrific for
    cruising or those just learning
    to surf. Intermediates and
    experts will find great
    performance when ridden
    off the tail in overhead surf.
    To many surfers it’s the
    only board they’ll need.

  • The 9’2″ is a classic performance Malibu with a
    unique blend of old and new. From
    overhead grinders to waist-high mush,
    this is a really fun longboard that
    delivers. A proven versatile performer,
    it has appeased experts and beginners
    alike. It is hard to imagine a better
    board to learn on that quite possibly
    you will never outgrow.

  • The newest addition to the NSP Longboard
    range, the new 9’6” is an instant classic.
    Nicely filling the void between the 9’2”
    and 10’2” the new 9’6” is a modern
    performance longboard which will
    always deliver from big bottom turns
    to long cruising noserides.

  • The 10’0″ is a full-size Malibu for pure surfing fun.
    With its well-balanced thickness and
    progressive rocker, the board can
    accommodate both hot-dogging and
    cruising styles. Great for Dad in
    small summer surf or double up the
    groms and ride tandem. Popular with
    surf schools, you will see this board
    in use by beach boys around the

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