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The NSP shortboards are sporting new graphics and are now equipped with FCS fins as well. Great shapes built with E2 epoxy construction provides performance to progress on and epoxy durability that lasts. This combination is why NSP is considered the perfect first shortboard.

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The 6’0″ shortboard was developed with our
Hawaii design team. This high-performance
shape appeals to intermediate thru
advanced surfers that are looking for
a durable epoxy board to progress with.
Contemporary rockers and outlines
create a lively board, that doubles
as a perfect as a first “short”
design for lighter riders.

The 6’2″ NSP Shortboard is a
modern shape designed for
performance. While it accommodates
entry-level riders,
the 6’2″ is a true “shortboard”
favoring intermediates and
even advanced surfers.
Constructed in super durable
E2 epoxy it will provide
endless hours of fun.

The 6’4″ features the latest bottom rockers
and a modern outline for performance.
Designed as a “real shortboard” for
intermediates and more core
surfers, its size provides a cushion
that accommodates entry-level
riders as well. With super durable
E2 epoxy construction it’s a
board that you won’t mind
letting your friends ride.

The 6’6” is a worldly popular board in the
NSP line. Featuring a generously
proportioned design it offers enough
volume for larger riders, mushy conditions
and full wetsuits without compromising
performance. More forgiving than your
typical shortboard, the 6’6” has proven
to be a great board to get you
into “short” boards.

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