For 2018 the excellent Trust Bar has some new features while retaining some of the superior functionality that makes this one of the best 4 line bars on the market. The chicken loops this year come in three different options; when you purchase your bar, you can choose the chicken loop that best suits your riding style.

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The North Trust Bar is legendary in the kitesurfing industry and amongst the riders; we have developed it, tweaked it and refined it for many years. The Trust bar 2016 once again stands for unmatched safety and reliability. As with all things at North Kiteboarding, if we do something new, we do it right, this year the bar has been completely reworked, updated and redesigned! The new bar for 2016 is the culmination of years of development, testing and competition winning success.

It provides the rider with a unique control system that has safety rooted at its core. The Iron Heart from North Kiteboarding has long been the benchmark for all safety systems, 2014 sees more development to further improve this essential piece of safety equipment. It is renowned for fast, safe and easy release, coupled with the ability to quickly reassemble the unit and continue flying. For 2016 we analysed all the features of the Iron Heart and addressed a few areas where we felt we could improve it. The Roto Head, Chicken Loop and Chicken Dick have all been redesigned in order to improve safety and performance. The light, robust, stainless steel and strong plastic construction of the main body remains the same, as it is the most reliable on the market.

Comfort, control and easy handling back up this ethos and combine to offer the rider the best control system on the market. Naturally the new Trust bar conforms to the regulations of the French Safety Laws and surpasses all of our own requirements in terms of ease of release. Take a closer look at this masterpiece yourselves!


    We have completely redesigned the winding posts for the bar and they are loaded with new features! We have utilized a fully moulded fibreglass reinforced Polyamide construction, which offers an incredibly lightweight solution with increased stiffness. We have also integrated a new backline adjustment, which allows the rider to trim the rear lines as and when it is needed to do so. In addition to this there is moulded EVA cushioning to ensure maximum comfort for the rider.
    One 4 ALL FLIP FLOP – The all-new moulded EVA floater is fully integrated into the winding posts to offer a seamless connection, which gives better protection to the lines and the rider. We have a totally new Flip-Flop function which allows you to switch between a 46cm and 54 cm bar with just one click, making the riders choice of bar far simpler to set up. The integration of the EVA floater also avoids line tangling and gives better overall stiffness between the bar and lines.
  • Plastic, fitted center hole
    Our new exchangeable insert for the centre hole is made of plastic, to reduce wear on the depower line. The material we use is resistant to abrasion, but should cause much less damage, if sand is present, to the line itself.

  • New Vario Cleat and sliding stopper
    We have completely redesigned the Vario Cleat for 2013 to make it even more effective and efficient. We have introduced a 5th line channel for the 5th line to run through, this reduces the risk of the 5th line getting tangled considerably. You can easily adjust the height of the Vario Cleat too, plus we have reduced it’s size to increase the depower area. The sliding stopper can be adjusted to suit personal preferences, it is also smaller than in previous years. Combined with the smaller Vario Cleat this accounts for 12% more depower area!
    For 2013 we have redesigned the EVA Bar Grip to offer even more comfort to the rider. Using a new formula for the EVA we have also increased the “stickiness” of the bar grip to ensure your hands should never slip during radical manoeuvres such as unhooked kite loops.

    The all-new Roto Head utilises a plastic construction, which is totally new for 2013, the plastic is extremely durable and offers many benefits. There will no longer be any corrosion between the old aluminium head and the stainless stell pin. We have also used swapped the old pin system for two grub screws to change the depower line, no need to hammer the old stainless steel pin out, simply use an FCS Fin Key to remove the screws and change the depower line.

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